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Minicomputer is a standalone Linux realtime
software synthesizer for creating experimental
electronic sounds as they are often used in but
not limited to industrial music, IDM, EBM, Glitch,
sound design, and minimal electronic. It is
monophonic but can produce up to 8 different
sounds at the same time, so its good e.g. for drum
synthesis. It uses JACK as a real-time audio
infrastructure and can be controlled via MIDI. The
synthesis is advanced subtractive: two oscillators
generate complex waveforms going into a morphing
formant filter. An additional oscillator, 7
envelopes, a delay line, and flexible modulation
routing for each sound voice gives the sound
designer possibilities like a modular synthesizer
without the hassle. Instant recall with 512 sound
programs and 128 multi sets make it a good
companion for the next laptop gig.

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