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Minicomputer is a standalone Linux realtime
software synthesizer for creating experimental
electronic sounds as they are often used in but
not limited to industrial music, IDM, EBM, Glitch,
sound design, and minimal electronic. It is
monophonic but can produce up to 8 different
sounds at the same time, so its good e.g. for drum
synthesis. It uses JACK as a real-time audio
infrastructure and can be controlled via MIDI. The
synthesis is advanced subtractive: two oscillators
generate complex waveforms going into a morphing
formant filter. An additional oscillator, 7
envelopes, a delay line, and flexible modulation
routing for each sound voice gives the sound
designer possibilities like a modular synthesizer
without the hassle. Instant recall with 512 sound
programs and 128 multi sets make it a good
companion for the next laptop gig.

Système requise

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2010-02-02 00:58

Un bug a été corrigé dans lequel seules les dernières lettres des plaques et les noms des multis (qui sont généralement blancs) étaient affichés. Le code peut maintenant être compilé sans être en mode C99. Le filtre d'événement alsaseq est utilisé pour recevoir les seuls événements qui sont traités.
Tags: Minor
A bug was fixed in which only the last letters of the names patches and multis (which are usually blanks) were displayed. The code can be now compiled without being in C99 mode. The alsaseq event filter is used to receive only events that are processed.

2009-01-20 20:28

Générateurs d'enveloppe sont désormais exponentielle et ont plus de punch. Les presets ont été modifiés afin qu'ils correspondent mieux. Les derniers compilateurs GCC sont maintenant supportés.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Envelope generators are now exponential and have more punch. The presets were changed so that they match better. The latest GCC compilers are now supported.

2008-05-02 16:13

Cette version ajoute un programme d'installation / désinstallation, un script d'installation pour les presets, l'amélioration de la manipulation MIDI tout en utilisant moins de cycles CPU, et des corrections à faire un travail de mémoire de sauvegarde de fichiers.
Tags: Major bugfixes
This release adds an installer/uninstaller, an
installer script for
presets, improved MIDI handling while using less
CPU cycles, and fixes
to make backup of memory files work.

2008-03-10 03:27

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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