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MinimalModbus is an easy-to-use Python module for talking to instruments (slaves) from a computer (master) using the Modbus protocol. Example code includes drivers for Eurotherm and Omega process controllers. The only dependency is the pySerial module. This software supports the ‘Modbus RTU’ serial communication version of the protocol, and is intended for use on Linux, OS X, and Windows platforms. It has been tested with Python2.6, Python2.7, and Python3.2.

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2012-01-27 06:59

Fonctionnalités étendues à l'appui des codes de fonction Modbus plus. Meilleure compatibilité avec Python3 et Windows. Un pilote de Omega CN7500 est inclus.
Extended functionality to support more Modbus function codes. Better compatibility with Python3 and Windows. An Omega CN7500 driver is included.

2011-08-24 06:20

Cette version ajoute la documentation appropriée pour le projet.
This release adds proper documentation to the project.

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