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Perl modules are notated in many different formats: "Foo/Bar/Baz.pm", "Foo::Bar", "Foo-Bar", etc. Module-Format allows one to take a list of modules in any format (including mixed ones) and output it in a consistent format that can be input to an installation program or an information querier.

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2010-12-03 15:43

Un bug a été corrigé avec le deviner "unix" format (par exemple: "Foo / Bar / Baz.pm"). Mots-clés et les ressources ont été ajoutées à la META.yml.
Tags: CPAN, Beta
A bug was fixed with guessing the "unix" format (e.g: "Foo/Bar/Baz.pm"). Keywords and resources were added to the META.yml.

2010-11-29 04:42

freshmeat initial et la libération CPAN.
Tags: Beta
Initial freshmeat and CPAN release.

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