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Mysql Done Right is a PHP 5.0+ class that provides a safe, clean, object-oriented, and efficient way to do database development. All queries except those with multiple row results return exactly what you need in one line of code. This is all done while still maintaining use of prepared queries and bound parameters to eliminate the risk of SQL injection attacks and operate more efficiently. No extra coding is needed on your part to reuse prepared queries. You simply write the same query again, and if you have used that one before, the prepared handle is reused. The newly bound parameters are used against the existing prepared handle, and the results are recomputed. The results themselves are not cached. Database connectivity is implemented using MySQLi.

Système requise

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2009-10-20 08:31

La licence a été changé par rapport au GPL à la LGPL, si la classe peut encore être utilisé pour les projets de source fermé. Il ya des éclaircissements divers documents et de nettoyage général.
The license has been changed from the GPL to the LGPL, so the class can still be used for closed source projects. There are various documentation clarifications and general cleanup.

2009-10-14 02:36

Cette version corrige un bogue dans proues où il ne reviendrait pas la valeur correcte.
This release fixes a bug in prows where it would not return the correct value.

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