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NBC-VBI is a recording tool for the German Radio.MP3 (operated by MusicPlay), which can be received in Germany via NBC Europe (cable network) and uses the vertical blanking interval of television signals to send the MP3-data. NBC-VBI provides automatic MP3-saver-functions, a cover-saver, filter system, dupe-check, and more.

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2001-05-31 19:26

Inclusion de la FEC, en gardant le fichier MP3 ouvert, sortie à l'écran une seule fois toutes les secondes, en changeant le nom du fichier pour les couvertures, et un nouvel auto-tuning script.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
Inclusion of FEC, keeping the MP3 file open, screen output only once every second, changing the filename for covers, and a new auto-tuning script.

2001-05-05 23:31

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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