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nedtries is a portable in-place bitwise binary Fredkin trie algorithm that allows for near constant time insertions, deletions, finds, closest fit finds, and iteration. It is approximately 50-100% faster than red-black trees and up to 20% faster than O(1) hash tables. It provides implementations as C macros, C++ templates, and as a C++ STL compatible associative container.

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2011-06-20 06:12
1.01 RC1

Presque entièrement très petites corrections de bugs, des corrections de la documentation, et des corrections de benchmarking. nedtries fonctionne très bien pour beaucoup de gens.
Almost entirely very small bugfixes, documentation fixes, and benchmarking fixes. nedtries works very well for many people.

2010-06-19 07:55
1.00 beta1a

Première version.
Tags: Beta
First release.

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