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netcf is a library and command line tool for configuring networking on Linux machines in a platform-independent way, using the platforms native configuration mechanisms. Supported are all the various ways in which physical interfaces, bridges, bonds, and VLANs can be combined. The configuration of a network connection is described in an XML format that emphasizes the logical relationship between the interfaces involved, e.g. a bridge connection describes the bridge interface itself and all the interfaces initially enslaved to it. Interoperability with existing network configuration tools is guaranteed since netcf relies only on native network configuration files, both for reading and writing them. Modifying network configuration with netcf has exactly the same effect as modifying the native configuration files directly, and netcf and other tools can be used interchangeably.

Système requise

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2009-10-27 23:19

Adresse MAC, l'état, et toutes les adresses IPv4 et IPv6 attribuée à une interface sont signalés. Divers bogues ont été corrigés.
MAC address, status, and all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses assigned to an interface are reported. Various bugs were fixed.

2009-09-17 16:49

Ajout d'une liaison à un pont est maintenant supporté. Ponts avec rien esclaves sont autorisés. De nombreux bugs ont été corrigés.
Adding a bond to a bridge is now supported. Bridges with nothing enslaved are allowed. Numerous bugs were fixed.

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