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Description du projet

OIOSAML.Java is a Java-based service provider for
SAML 2.0. It was profiled for the Danish OIOSAML
2.0 profile, but it works in generic SAML 2.0 Web
SSO environments too.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2009-02-09 19:20 Retour à la liste release

Les nouvelles fonctionnalités incluent un support pour les attributs à plusieurs valeurs, les notifications lorsque l'authentification initiale se produit, et la possibilité de définir un nom d'application, qui est annexée à l'annuaire. Oiosaml.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
New features include support for multi-valued attributes, notifications when initial authentication occurs, and the ability to set an application name, which is appended to the .oiosaml directory.

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