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oSpam is an anti-spam system based on Perl, qmail, and, optionally, vmailmgr. It features "one-day" email addresses for usenet postings: after a delay, the mails sent to your address will be put in quarantine waiting for a confirmation, or/and can be used as your main email address: all your contacts are listed in a file. If somebody which isn't in the list sends you an email, he will get a small and unique confirmation request, and then the email(s) will be delivered transparently.

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2001-08-11 23:44 Retour à la liste release

La capacité de travailler pour un serveur complet (plusieurs domaines et plusieurs utilisateurs) a été ajoutée. La liste noire et liste blanche sont stockées dans des tables SQL. Il existe une interface web pour administrer les listes et de voir effectivement le courrier "en quarantaine". Il existe une traduction vers le français, et la possibilité de confirmer une adresse via http au lieu du protocole SMTP a été ajoutée.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
The ability to work for a whole server (multiple
domains & multiple users) has been added. The
blacklist and whitelist are stored in sql tables.
There is a webinterface to administrate the lists
and see the mail actually in "quarantaine". There
is a translation to French, and the possibility
to confirm an address via http instead of smtp
has been added.

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