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php_mine_class is a class that hides you from the work of parsing an email regarding MIME RFCs manually. Instead, you can throw in your raw email, and get back a nice object with all header fields and all MIME blocks. This is most suitable for people writing email clients in PHP, who dont want to use IMAP support in PHP for MIME handling.

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2001-08-27 20:54

Deux autres têtes de courriers électroniques ont été ajoutés dans l'objet: MessageId et In-Reply-To. Des fautes de frappe de documentation ont été fixés.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Two more email headers were added into the object: MessageId and In-Reply-To.
Some documentation typos were fixed.

2001-08-27 20:54

Ce communiqué principalement corrige un bug de v0.30, et a quelques améliorations de performances remarquables. Tout le monde en utilisant v0.30 est encouragé à utiliser v0.31.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release mainly fixes a bug from v0.30, and has some great performance improvements. Everyone using v0.30 is encouraged to use v0.31.

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