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Description du projet

PHP Profiler Class performs code profiling and aids
performance optimisation by locating the areas of
code that consume most processing time. The
reports it produces provide information on the
number of calls to a code section, as well as the
percentage and total of time spent on a section.
Timing of multiple nested code sections is possible.
It requires function calls to be manually inserted in
the code being profiled.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2002-06-26 01:30

Le code a été mis à jour afin de lui permettre de rouler à l'alerte E_ALL niveau. La sortie a été nettoyé et mis en forme pour le rendre plus lisible.
Tags: Code cleanup, Stable
The code has been updated to allow it to run at warning level E_ALL. The output has been tidied and formatted to make it more readable.

2002-04-24 13:02

Les rapports comprennent le nombre d'appels à une section de code, et le pourcentage et le temps cumulé passé dans une section de code. Plusieurs sections imbriquées mai être profilées.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Stable
Reports include the number of calls to a code section, and the percentage and accumulated time spent in a code section. Multiple nested sections may be profiled.

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