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ProjectForge is a Web-based solution for project management including time sheet booking, Gantt charts, financial administration and controlling, issue management, and managing work-break-down structures. First-party and third-party plugins are supported. Ready-to-run packages of the ProjectForge server are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and all Java6-capable platforms (database and Web server are included). ProjectForge is also available as a web-archive file (war) for usage within your own Web server and for your own database installation.

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Information regarding Project Releases and Project Resources. Note that the information here is a quote from Freecode.com page, and the downloads themselves may not be hosted on OSDN.

2012-12-05 07:09 Retour à la liste release

Cette version contient d'autres améliorations et corrections, tels que : prise en charge LDAP (tel qu'un client et vous pouvez utiliser ProjectForge comme un maître pour l'administration des utilisateurs, des groupes et des affectations de LDAP) ;
améliorations pour fois fiche de réservation (calendrier et endroits) ; un nouvel élément d'interface commode pour sélectionner plusieurs entrées (utilisateurs, groupes, etc.) ;
export vCard d'adresses uniques ; et PhoneLookupServlet (Rechercher des adresses de ProjectForge à afficher pour les systèmes téléphoniques pour les appels entrants, etc..).
Tags: Stable
This release contains further improvements and fixes, such as: LDAP support (as a client, and you may use ProjectForge as a master for the administration of LDAP users, groups, and assignments);
improvements for time sheet booking (calendar and locations); a new convenient UI element for selecting multiple entries (user, groups, etc.);
v-card export of single addresses; and PhoneLookupServlet (look up addresses of ProjectForge to display for telephony systems for incoming calls, etc.).

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