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Description du projet

PSC (Perl Secure Conf) is a setuid wrapper and Perl
module for securely passing configuration data to
Perl scripts, especially DBI passwords etc. The
wrapper opens a conf file, drops priviledge, and
then execs the Perl script, leaving the filehandle
available to the Perl script for reading (and writing,
if allowed). Config::Secure is a module (available on
CPAN as well) that initializes, and optionally parses
the config file. Please note this is still vera alpha,
yet seems to work smoothly.

Système requise

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2001-11-09 22:33

Une réécriture majeure, changer la façon dont la CFP est interfacé à être plus convivial et robuste. Il peut être utilisé avec la plupart des langages de script (et pas uniquement Perl).
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Development
A major rewrite, changing the way PSC is interfaced to be more user friendly and robust. It can be used with most scripting languages (not just Perl).

2001-09-10 22:16

Un bogue qui empêchait la CFP de travailler avec CGI a été fixée.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Development
A bug that prevented PSC from working with CGI was fixed.

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