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RT is an industrial-grade trouble ticketing system. It lets a group of people intelligently and efficiently manage requests submitted by a community of users. RT is used by systems administrators, customer support staffs, NOCs, developers, and even marketing departments to track issues, outages, bugs, requests, and all kinds of other things at thousands of sites around the world.

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2006-06-18 17:23 Retour à la liste release

Le changelog complet contient plus de 500 changements «intéressants» et plus de 1000 engage. L'interface utilisateur RT a été refait en XHTML et CSS. Les utilisateurs ont la possibilité de personnaliser leur page d'accueil RT et d'établir leurs préférences de recherche par défaut. Rapports de base et de la cartographie, des rappels sur les billets, la capacité de faire des champs personnalisés, grâce à et inclure du contenu provenant d'autres systèmes, et en vrac mise à jour des champs personnalisés ont été ajoutés.
Tags: Release, Major feature enhancements
The full changelog contains over 500 "interesting" changes and over 1000 commits. The RT UI has been redone in XHTML and CSS. Users have the ability to customize their RT home page and set their default search preferences. Basic reporting and charting, reminders on tickets, the ability to make custom fields link to and include content from other systems, and bulk updating of custom fields have been added.

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