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RIB is a software package for creating WWW
metadata repositories. Metadata, from RIB's
perspective, is information that describes
reusable objects, such as software. RIB allows the
user to enter metadata into a Java applet, which
then sends the information to an RIB server via
HTTP. The information is then stored in an SQL
database, where it is automatically made available
in a fully functional Web site (catalog, search
page, etc). Repositories that use similar data
models can use the XML processing capabilities to
share information via the Internet.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2006-06-29 07:30

Le bogue de comptage incorrecte des objets de catalogue a été fixée. Le bug d'incompatibilité entre le fichier de configuration du cache et le fichier de configuration réelle sur la plate-forme UNIX a été fixée. Le bogue de l'organisation aléatoire de lignes et de colonnes dans la jointure matrice a été fixée; rangées et les colonnes sont maintenant triés selon les noms d'objet.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The bug of incorrect counting of catalog objects
was fixed. The bug of inconsistency between the
cached config file and the actual config file on
the UNIX platform was fixed. The bug of random
organization of rows and columns in the join
matrix was fixed; rows and columns are now sorted
according to the object names.

2005-06-23 00:29

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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