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RocketMan is a sci-fi fantasy shoot 'em up game. It features different algorithms for gameplay as in EnemyRocket.java. Everything can be jarred up into a mobile phone game. There is a sprite-based video codec included for use during gameplay. This way, you can make vessels talk to you on the intercom. Some levels are top-down and left-right vessel shooters (like R-Type), and some are left-right man-sized players (like Megaman).

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2010-12-06 04:44

Le deuxième niveau a été mis à jour. Le niveau 3 est actuellement en cours et est accessible par une échelle.
The second level has been updated. Level 3 is currently being made and is accessible through a ladder.

2010-11-29 04:31

Trois niveaux: un défilement vers le haut avec une 10-des ennemis, l'un avec une interface de Mega Man, et un défilement latéral.
Three levels: an upward scrolling one with 10-some enemies, one with a Mega Man interface, and one side scroller.

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