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Self is a object-oriented programming language. It has a syntax is similar to Smalltalk but uses prototypes and delegation instead of classes and inheritance. The original Self system was developed by Sun Microsystems and Stanford University. Self4Linux is a port of the Self system to Linux.

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2002-12-16 03:18

Il ya un bug de la machine virtuelle sur Cygwin, qui, auparavant, n'a pas pu charger des photos lorsque le «mode texte de fichier par défaut» a été mis au DOS.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
There is a bugfix for the VM on Cygwin, which previously failed to load snapshots when the 'default text file mode' was set to DOS.

2002-12-08 22:29

Cette version ajoute le support de plateforme pour Cygwin / Windows.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release adds platform support for cygwin/Windows.

2002-11-02 10:32

Ce communiqué est fondé sur l'autonomie 4.1.6 et comprend une version version expérimentale du compilateur optimisant (SIC).
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release is based on Self 4.1.6 and includes an experimental version version of the optimizing compiler (SIC).

2002-06-28 23:33

Cette version est désormais basée sur l'autonomie 4.1.5. Il contient également quelques corrections de bugs.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release is now based on Self 4.1.5. It also contains a couple of bugfixes.

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