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Description du projet

Sharedance is a high-performance server that centralizes
ephemeral key/data pairs on remote hosts, without the
overhead and the complexity of an SQL database. It was
mainly designed to share caches and sessions between load-
balanced PHP Web servers. Access to a Sharedance server
is trivial through a simple PHP API and it is compatible with
the expectations of PHP 4 and PHP 5 session handlers with
no code change.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2006-02-20 16:32

L'algorithme Nagle a été désactivé. Les messages du journal sont maintenant en heure locale. Quelques bugs mineurs ont été corrigés.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The Nagle algorithm has been disabled. Log
messages are now in local time. Some minor bugs
have been fixed.

2004-11-12 09:56

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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