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Siren Renamer is a tool that renames, moves, and copies files using an expression. A lot of information associated with a file can be used, including name, extension, dates, and selection number. Other information is extracted from files according to their type:
audio, video, image (standard and raw), EXIF, IPTC, Office document, PDF, ePub, HTML, and many others. Many different operations can be performed on character strings, complete directory trees can be processed, and images can be viewed. For example, to change a file name to uppercase with the mp3 extension, the expression can be '%ub.mp3'.

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2013-01-10 15:51

Cette nouvelle version introduit un nouveau modificateur : changement de nom de groupe. Il permet d'utiliser des informations d'autres fichiers dans une expression de changement de nom. L'aide contextuelle a été améliorée. Quelques bugs ont été corrigés.
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This new version introduces a new modifier: group renaming. It allows you to use information from other files in a rename expression. The contextual help has been improved. Some bugs have been corrected.

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