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The site tools package has classes to support a standard look and feel through templates
that support somewhat advanced functionality like object method binding, custom
escape/formatting functions, and basic looping and conditionals. It also supports SQL
forms with foreign key handling with drop boxes or lists, and multiple field types like
checkboxes, text boxes, and text areas. Add/delete/edit functionality is handled by the
Form class. Tables can be created in the same way, and support auto-sorting by using
hyperlinked headers, and next/prev handling. Both forms and tables can be bound to
templates to adjust the look and feel or layout, without losing any functionality.

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2001-07-03 17:12 Retour à la liste release

Cette version inclut plus d'exemples dont un exemple montrant comment utiliser le modèle des modules pour d'autres choses que du HTML en créant un générateur de source LaTeX avec des séquences d'échappement sur mesure et quickvar () le soutien, et corrections de bugs mineures au modèle des classes relatives à decode_entities et la résolution des ! _ variable.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release includes more examples including a sample showing how to use the template modules for things other than HTML by creating a LaTeX source generator with custom escape sequences and quickvar() support, and minor bugfixes to the template classes relating to decode_entities and resolution of the !_ variable.

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