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splittar allows you to create one or more tar
files from a set of data where each of the
generated tar files is less than a specified
maximum size. Each tar file is a proper,
self-contained tar file. Other methods of backing
up data to removable media requires a tar file to
be split, making one of the tar file useless
without the others. splittar was written to back
up large amounts of data that span multiple DVDs
while allowing for each DVD to be useful on its

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2006-02-24 10:18

Quelques bugs mineurs liés à des autorisations et l'analyse des options en ligne de commande ont été fixés. Plusieurs nouvelles options de ligne de commande ont été ajoutées (- version, les options de journalisation, le ratio des options de poids). La documentation page de manuel a été grandement améliorée. L'algorithme qui détermine quel fichier source devrait aller dans quelles archives a également été améliorée et optimisée. Les fichiers d'archives devraient avoir des tailles plus cohérent maintenant.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
A few minor bugs related to permissions and
parsing of commandline options were fixed. Several
new command line options were added (--version,
logging options, ratio weight options). The
manpage documentation was greatly improved. The
algorithm that determines which source file should
go in which archive was also improved and
optimized. The archive files should have more
consistent sizes now.

2006-01-27 11:25

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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