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Streamripper records MP3, Ogg, AAC, and NSV audio
and video files from Shoutcast and Icecast
compatible streams. The streams can be recorded as
a whole or in individual tracks. Streamripper also
features a relay stream, which lets you listen or
watch live from multiple clients while recording.

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2007-05-20 02:40 Retour à la liste release

Il s'agit d'une version majeure conçue pour l'Unicode. Song métadonnées peut être transcodé de codages de caractères arbitraires. Sorties à ID3, les flux de relais, et le fichier système peut être choisi indépendamment d'utiliser des codages différents.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This is a major release designed for Unicode. Song
metadata can be transcoded from arbitrary
character encodings. Outputs to ID3, relay
streams, and file system can be independently
selected to use different encodings.

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