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Bidwell (named for Shelford Bidwell, the inventor of the first true fax machine way back in the late 1800s) is a set of Perl scripts that are designed to run as a cron job on a Unix-like system to download emails from a POP3 account and send their contents to a CUPS or lpr printer.

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2010-12-28 15:10
20101228 prealpha

Cette version initiale peut être modifiée par un utilisateur expérimenté Perl. Il n'a pas d'interface utilisateur et n'est pas testé sur un autre système que Mac OS X Snow Leopard et Perl 5.10.x.
Tags: Unstable, prealpha
This initial release may require modification by an experienced Perl user. It has no user interface and is untested on any system other than Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Perl 5.10.x.

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