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Tixapps is a suite of development applications that run with Tcl/Tk or Python,
using the Tix widget set. Applications currently included in Tixapps are
tixinspect (an inspector for Tix/Tk applications), tixdebug (a debugger to work
with tixinspect), and tixinfo (an info browser for GNU documentation).

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2002-12-16 09:00

Cela Refactoring libérer le code Python en tant que classes mixin Tk. Le ObjTix l'emballage ont été améliorés.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release refactors the Python code as Tk mixin classes. The ObjTix and wrapping were improved.

2002-08-14 12:14

Cette version introduit ObjTix, un peu simple de sucre sémantique qui expose l'objet de commandes Tix classe orientée. Les classes actuelles ObjTcl sera déplacé vers ObjTix. Elle ajoute aussi deux wrappers Python pour TkHTML et TkTable.
This version introduces ObjTix, a simple bit of semantic sugar that exposes Tix's object oriented class commands. The current ObjTcl classes will be moved to ObjTix. It also adds two Python wrappers for TkHTML and TkTable.

2002-05-31 19:28

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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