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UIMA SDK is a software architecture and framework for supporting the development, integration, and deployment of search and analysis technologies. It can be used to analyze large volumes of unstructured information (text, audio, video, images, etc.) to discover, organize, and deliver relevant knowledge to the client or application end user.

Système requise

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2011-12-22 20:35

Améliorations apportées à l'éditeur de CAS (Eclipse), une nouvelle analyse moteur lanceur Plugin (Eclipse), un nouvel outil d'installeur PEAR de ligne de commande, la capacité de perfor que Maven construit à partir du répertoire source haut de la page, et diverses améliorations et corrections.
Improvements to the CAS Editor (Eclipse), a new Analysis Engine Launcher Plugin (Eclipse), a new command line PEAR installer tool, the ability to perfor
Maven builds from the top source directory, and various improvements and bugfixes.

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