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Vmailmgr provides a virtualizing password-checking
interface to qmail-pop3d, a delivery agent to
automatically deliver mail within a virtual
domain, and a set of tools to manage such a
domain. It also has Courier IMAP support. It uses
one uid per domain, and this user can fully
administer the domain without needing suid access
rights. Making it work is as easy as adding a line
in qmail's virtualdomains file, and running a few

Système requise

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2001-02-26 14:23 Retour à la liste release

vdeluser a maintenant une option pour l'empêcher de suppression d'utilisateurs avec une boîte aux lettres, et tout le code Python CGI a été abandonné et remplacé par un package autonome vpyadmin.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
vdeluser now has an option to prevent it from
deleting users with a mailbox, and all the Python
CGI code has been dropped and replaced with a
stand-alone vpyadmin package.

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