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Description du projet

wanha is a combination of an IRC bot to watch a channel for URLs and a Web interface to display the URLs that the bot finds. The bot will also warmly keep the conversation going, discreetly discouraging people from pasting already pasted URLs again. The Web interface can be used to track what URLs have already been pasted and by whom.

Système requise

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2008-09-19 02:18

Cette version corrige des erreurs de localisation mineures et améliore URL attraper un peu.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes minor localization errors and improves URL catching a bit.

2007-10-10 17:21

PreparedStatement-like SQL-assainissement est terminé. Code de nettoyage a été fait en utilisant les modules Perl. Corrections mineures ont été apportées.
Tags: Code cleanup
PreparedStatement-like SQL-sanitation is done.
Code cleanup was done using Perl-modules. Minor
fixes were made.

2006-12-23 22:31

Cette version vient avec le bot IRC réels, l'interface HTML, et un flux Atom.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This version comes with the actual IRC bot, the
HTML GUI, and an Atom feed.

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