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Description du projet

wsbasic is a BASIC interpreter written in C++
using recursive descent OO techniques instead of
the outdated lex/yacc tools. It can already be
used as a scripting replacement for bash and was
also used as basis for kturtle's logo interpreter.

Système requise

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2002-08-17 20:30

Cette version améliore la sortie d'erreur de l'analyseur. Elle affiche maintenant le mot-clé devrait au lieu de l'ID de jeton lorsque se produit une erreur d'analyse.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Stable
This release improves the error output of the parser. It now shows the
expected keyword instead of the token id when a parse error occurs.

2002-08-15 01:01
Beta 1

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Stable

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