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XLogical is a puzzle game based on an Amiga game developed by Rainbow Arts called Logical. It features ray-traced graphics, music, and sound effects. The game is addictive, requiring parallel thinking and quick reflexes.

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2001-01-30 15:14 Retour à la liste release

Cette version corrige un bug de boucle infinie lors du calcul de bonus de temps après avoir terminé DIMLIGHTS niveau, un bogue où les balles ne disparaissent parfois si elles étaient rebondir et-vient entre filateurs complète, une installation / désinstallation problème cible, et avertissements / erreurs signalées par RedHat 7.0.
This release fixes an infinite loop bug when calculating time bonus after finishing DIMLIGHTS level, a bug where balls would sometimes disappear if they were bouncing back and forth between full spinners, an install/uninstall target problem, and warnings/errors reported by RedHat 7.0.

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