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A service to replicate and serve requests for site configurations based on site ID, public IP, and the on-site lead contact's OTP.

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l'heure2021-10-14 00:00:53
AuteurS. Seago <sseago-dev@proj...>
CommiterS. Seago

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Provide more detail about the makup of Manifest

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diff -r fdc7368ae1c0 -r eee957462518 docs/README.adoc
--- a/docs/README.adoc Tue Oct 12 15:17:04 2021 -0500
+++ b/docs/README.adoc Wed Oct 13 10:00:53 2021 -0500
@@ -7,6 +7,14 @@
77 === What is This?
88 This is a Project Celadon site manifest server. This repository includes all forms of instruction needed to create a manifest server. This project is very much a work in progress. In fact, this code base is not expected to be usable until the end of development cycle 2022.2 (March 14 to May 25). Until then (at least), contribute code, sit tight, or look elsewhere.
10+==== Yeah, but What is a Project Celadon Manifest Server, Really?
11+It is:
13+* apache - The interface used to communicate between the diviner server and the mongodb database
14+* mongodb - The storage backend for site manifests
15+* mongo-express - An interface for debugging and correcting minor issues with a manifest or mongodb, also hosted via Apache, but accessible only internally.
1018 === Why Make This?
1119 Each site that comes on line has a reference configuration. Any number of things can happen to the person in charge of a project, including illness, incarceration, and death. Rather than leave such sensitive information available on a USB drive, we hold the data in a decentralized, distributed database with read-only access from the Internet. Only the primary node has write access. The selection of the primary node is beyond the scope of this document.
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