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immortalwrt: Liste des Branches

Mirror only - Please move to https://github.com/immortalwrt/immortalwrt

Nom Révision l'heure Auteur
openwrt-18.06-k5.4 a8fcafa 2022-05-27 00:42:37 Tianling Shen

feeds: use 22.03 branch for routing and telephony repo Signed-off-by: Tianling Shen <cnsztl@immortalwrt.org>

openwrt-18.06 f0522b7 2022-05-26 20:34:39 Petr Štetiar

treewide: use wpad-basic-openssl as default In order to support SAE/WPA3-Personal in default images. Replace almost all occurencies of wpad-basic and wpad-m...

openwrt-21.02 80dddbf 2022-05-25 23:38:44 Tianling Shen

target: use wpad-basic-openssl by default Signed-off-by: Tianling Shen <cnsztl@immortalwrt.org>

master 0b84c14 2022-05-25 15:14:15 ZiMing Mo

dnsmasq: use inet family & fix ruleset order

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