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packages: Commit

Community maintained packages for ImmortalWrt.

Commit MetaInfo

Révision2a2cd356066740c17669e6d4acc3113cdaae1fcf (tree)
l'heure2022-05-25 22:29:22
AuteurEneas U de Queiroz <cotequeiroz@gmai...>
CommiterTianling Shen

Message de Log

audit: remove host build

The audit package in the packages feed share the same sources as the
libaudit package in the base repo. libaudit performs a host build, used
only by libsemanage in base.

There is no package depending on 'audit/host', so we can remove it to
avoid possible confusion.

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <cotequeiroz@gmail.com>
(cherry picked from commit 1d54defb0fe7a964a19e3aa36e35a8159bcc2262)

Change Summary


--- a/utils/audit/Makefile
+++ b/utils/audit/Makefile
@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ PKG_BUILD_DIR=$(BUILD_DIR)/$(PKG_NAME)-packages/$(PKG_NAME)-$(PKG_VERSION)
2424 PKG_USE_MIPS16:=0
2626 include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/package.mk
27-include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/host-build.mk
2928 define Package/audit/Default
3029 TITLE:=Audit Daemon
@@ -139,7 +138,6 @@ define Package/audit/install
139138 $(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/sbin/auditd $(1)/usr/sbin/
140139 endef
142-$(eval $(call HostBuild))
143141 $(eval $(call BuildPackage,libauparse))
144142 $(eval $(call BuildPackage,audit-utils))
145143 $(eval $(call BuildPackage,audit))
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