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packages: Commit

Community maintained packages for ImmortalWrt.

Commit MetaInfo

Révision369b8a975b89c1aaa666e3c50bd371e5b3bb8a70 (tree)
l'heure2022-05-25 22:27:35
AuteurLeo Soares <leo@hype...>
CommiterTianling Shen

Message de Log

libcoap: make sure libcoap-3-notls.so is installed

This commit fixes an issue where the libcoap-3-notls.so is not installed,
in some cases leaving the target's root with no library and just a broken link
from libcoap-3.so to libcoap-3-notls.so.

Signed-off-by: Leo Soares <leo@hyper.ag>
(cherry picked from commit 80c4d675c22ee12516435b6ff4ce80e13c676d9b)

Change Summary


--- a/libs/libcoap/Makefile
+++ b/libs/libcoap/Makefile
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ endef
8080 define Package/libcoap/install
8181 $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/lib
82- $(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/libcoap-$(ABI_VERSION).so* $(1)/usr/lib/
82+ $(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/libcoap-$(ABI_VERSION)*.so* $(1)/usr/lib/
8383 endef
8585 define Package/coap-client/install
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