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Joypy: Commit

This repo is not current. Development has moved from Hg to Git. For the latest code use the "Source Code" tab above to go to the "Thun" git repo or navigate to:

Commit MetaInfo

Révisionb3512cb74c58b640470c43b534696703f14fbd83 (tree)
l'heure2020-11-24 01:44:33
AuteurSimon Forman <sforman@hush...>
CommiterSimon Forman

Message de Log

Fix a typo.

Change Summary


diff -r a50bf5d77bde -r b3512cb74c58 joy/joy.py
--- a/joy/joy.py Thu Apr 23 15:58:38 2020 -0700
+++ b/joy/joy.py Mon Nov 23 08:44:33 2020 -0800
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
4040 This function iterates through a sequence of terms which are either
4141 literals (strings, numbers, sequences of terms) or function symbols.
4242 Literals are put onto the stack and functions are looked up in the
43- disctionary and executed.
43+ dictionary and executed.
4545 The viewer is a function that is called with the stack and expression
4646 on every iteration, its return value is ignored.
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