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It is the memo tool which is compatible with "Tombo" which is usable in Android. The function aims for bringing it close to "Tombo" if possible.


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2019-10-21 12:49
Évaluation de Kumagusu Lover

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If you [a user] have had a problem with not being able to copy/move notes or if you [Tarshi] have hit the same problem, you will be able to fix it easily by being aware that the TITLE line in the note that is used to name the note is the cause of the problem. What you have to amend is the fact that if the TITLE line of text contains and INVALID DOS characters ( e.g. Comma [,] Forward or back slash (/ \) etc then when Kumagusu tries to copy or move a note with those invalid characters it will simply abort the copy/move and you will have an incomplete action. This glitch ONLY applies to the Title line, UTF8 etc applies to the rest of the note. To fix the problem with your notes, simply go through EACH note and remove any INVALID DOS characters from the title line and save you note, then do the same for each and every note in the entire document. NOTE: you only need to remove INVALID characters from the Title line of each note. i.e. DO NOT allow any Comma, pipe | Forward slash / Backslash \ Asterisk * Question mark ? etc in the Title line and everything will work fine. Again Tarshi, Thank you for creating such a wonderful app.
No Ads, No Unnecessary Permissions, No BS, it works, and it does it reasonably well, give or take a few minor glitches which can be ironed out.
Nothing major that I can think of, I have a few minor suggestions that would greatly enhance the usefulness of the app, If you would like to hear them then reply to this comment and I will share with you.

2017-04-02 10:55
Évaluation de 石部 金吉

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シンプルで使い良いです。 私のスマホには必需品になってしまいました。
タブで分類ごとに整理出来る所 すべてのタブに対して、検索出来る所
黒地に白文字で入力出来ないので、長時間使用出来ない所 階層構造でない所

2017-03-10 19:36
Évaluation de 港丸

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デスクトップのTOMBOをスマホで使うためインストールしました。 MSゴシックフォントにて、罫線で表を書いているのですが、 固定幅にしても 崩れてしまいます。  ┌───────┬───────┬───────┐  │       │       │       │  ├───────┼───────┼───────┤  │       │       │       │  ├───────┼───────┼───────┤  │       │       │       │  └───────┴───────┴───────┘ どのようにつればよいでしょうか?
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