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Manjaro Linux Community Editions.

Releases of Manjaro Linux with alternative Desktop Environments and Window Managers.

Maintained by Manjaro Team Members.

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2020-05-26 21:57
Évaluation de lucianofk

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the better linux distro.......

2020-05-18 01:46
Évaluation de oldrocker99

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After 11 years with Ubuntu, I was dismayed at dependency hell compiling must-have apps, and abandoned PPAs. I tried Manjaro MATE, and It. Is. The New. Ubuntu. Yes, it is, and this is a compliment. It's as easy to install, as user-friendly, and has just as welcoming a community. And, it's faster, lighter-weight, and has more software available than any Debian distro.
Easy to use, and as cutting-edge as you want or as stable as you want. Very user-friendly, and Manjaro IS famous for its superb hardware detection. As suitable for old Linux hands who want a quick-to-install Arch experience, as for total beginners who only want a computer that just works.
Not too many; some AUR packages don't compile at all, and I have, using pamac, had to use yay to install the dependencies pamac didn't install first. Pamac is quite inferior as a PM to Synaptic, I must say. It's not terrible by any means, though. And these are Arch problems, not Manjaro problems.

2020-05-13 16:59
Évaluation de Sticks

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Great distros. Manjaro is my go-to, with Cinnamon or I3 being my preferred environments. Great to have these builds ready to roll, and maintained as well as the main distro.
Saves a lot of time versus using Architect
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