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Sat May 23 19:14:38 JST 2020

#40438: Bug in libmingwex-5.3.1 dll

  Open Date: 2020-05-23 10:07
Last Update: 2020-05-23 11:14

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2020-05-23 11:14 Updated by: keith
 * Priority Update from 8 to 2

 * Details Updated


I have several problems with this ticket:

  • While it may be valid as a ticket item, it most definitely does not merit a
    blaring review item headline.
  • You don't have the authority to assign it to me. I'll accept it, since I
    would have taken it anyway, but you pissed me off, by failing to follow the
    submission guidelines, (which are shown at the top of the form you
    completed, to create the ticket).
  • You don't have the authority to assign priority. Now I'm doubly pissed off,
    so I've downgraded it, below default, by one level for each by which you
    deigned to escalate it.
  • Why should I take your word for it, anyway? You don't offer a test case,
    and I see no supporting evidence in my own work. I cannot, and do not know
    how to, reproduce your issue; could it possibly be related to this mailing
    list post?
  • I'm triply pissed off, because you couldn't be bothered to preview your
    ticket, before posting in improperly marked-up, borderline illegible
    format, (thus, forcing me to adjust your bad mark-up).

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      Reporter: rosasmje
         Owner: keith
          Type: Issues
        Status: Open [Owner assigned]
      Priority: 2
     MileStone: (None)
     Component: (None)
      Severity: 5 - Medium
    Resolution: None

Ticket details:

libmingwex-5.3.1 is BUGGY! it imports from self procedure
"__emutls_get_address", while not exporting it. thus any linked app would not
start. changed to --static also submitted this as review. also tested Version
5.2.2, it is good; it has not any "__emutls_get_address" inside;

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