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copyleft protection, merit, DRBL/PiNet, etc.

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--- trunk/www/manifesto.md (revision 10)
+++ trunk/www/manifesto.md (revision 11)
@@ -15,7 +15,9 @@
1616 The concept of free computing is based on the distribution of software
1717 with the complete source code that can be freely used, modified,
18-distributed and protected due to the copy-left license.
18+distributed (and protected against
20+if copylefted).
2022 A free educational software follows several principles:
@@ -26,11 +28,14 @@
2628 * Freedom to understand its internals;
2729 * Freedom to modify and redistribute it. Here, the author should be
2830 very careful with the distribution license used. We suggest using a
29- copy-left license and specifically the GNU GPL;
30-* Academic freedom: the freedom from corporate interest in the area of
31- education. Software should be picked by teachers based on merit,
32- rather than because a company has given money to the teacher. Also
33- free software does not lock students into proprietary standards.
31+ copyleft license and specifically the GNU GPL;
32+* Academic freedom: the freedom from distorted corporate interest
33+ in the area of education. Software should be picked
34+ by teachers based on merit, rather than because a company
35+ has provided to the teacher monetary or other incentives
36+ of no public interest.
37+ Also free software does not lock students into proprietary
38+ file formats and/or proprietary communication protocols.
3540 **Equality:**
@@ -65,16 +70,11 @@
6570 towards the realisation of a free GUI;
6772 * This fraternity is the real strength of free software, thanks to the
68- copy-left GNU GPL license. In less then 15 years and with few
69- financial resources it has produced a completely free operating
70- system - GNU/Linux - out-classing many alternatives. In the world of
71- computer science, 15 years is a long time but we have to consider
72- that the project started from scratch and now offers an entire
73- system. After all, 15 years is not long considering the freedom we
74- now get. The main goal of OFSET is to promote this rising freedom in
75- educational software.
73+ copyleft GNU GPL license. With few financial resources
74+ it has produced a completely free operating system - GNU/Linux -
75+ out-classing many alternatives. The main goal of OFSET
76+ is to promote this rising freedom in educational software.
7878 ## Free Educational Software ##
8080 The development of free software is mostly conducted trough the
@@ -91,11 +91,13 @@
9191 sense of emancipation in exploring and modifying software; 2. they are
9292 formed through the idea of free collaboration in software development.
94-Today installing a workstation based on GNU/Linux in a school is a
95-reality. The distributions are getting more and more easy to install.
96-Even if installing such a system requires specific knowledge or
97-training, several schools have taken the step. Taking care of such a
98-system is quite easy thanks to the rock solid behavior of GNU/Linux.
94+Today many schools install GNU/Linux in their computer labs.
95+Projects such as [DRBL](http://drbl.nchc.org.tw) and
96+[PiNet](http://pinet.org.uk/) not only make installing
97+and administering such diskless classrooms easier, but also
98+reduce the need of constant hardware upgrade except perhaps
99+the server, thereby demonstrating to the students
100+what can be done to reduce e-wastes.
100102 Of course, a system of networked GNU/Linux workstations is not enough
101103 for a school. A lot of applications that can be used in schools are
@@ -107,10 +109,7 @@
107109 These applications exist in proprietary forms but are not always
108110 available in free equivalents. When available, it's in very specific
109111 domain area and very often it is not localized to the language
110-required by the user. A problem of the existing applications that can
111-be used in school is their lack of consistency concerning the user
112-interface. This is really a challenge to students as they need to
113-learn a different interface with almost each application.
112+required by the user.
115114 OFSET will be very meticulous regarding this issue by following the
116115 FSF guideline and favoring open standards for user interfaces, like
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