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2022-04-27 04:31
PiaZip 最新(8.6.0) 64Bit 版/32Bit 版 及び Portable 版を新規インストールし、言語変更しても 変更が反映されない。(Optio...
2020-03-12 19:07
Is it possible to extract many Rar files that are in one big Rar file without a step in between? I got an 82GB big Ra...
2019-10-26 17:15
windows7 32bit版でPeaZip 5.9.0が動きません。
2017-10-19 15:05
Hi I just found and install PeaZip, and I want to create a support request just to have opportunity to congratulate ...
2017-08-10 19:29
My running version is PeaZip release 6.4.1 - Windows Build In my Windows 10, I added "C:\Program Files (x86)\PeaZi...

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2022-04-18 06:23

いつも PeaZip を使わせて頂き、有難うございます。今回 Ver 8.6.0 において....

2020-05-19 13:47

Thumbs up to Giorgio for, besides providing a more-than-full-features gui fo....

2020-03-26 06:04

Excellent Program. I dont need any other zip, rar, pea files reader

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2013-09-06 12:17

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