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This editor can directly edit property files written in Unicode reference characters, eliminating the need to convert to Unicode. In addition to the usual editor functions, it can also be used as an Eclipse plug-in.


ファイルを解凍すると、 ダウンロードしたzipファイルを解凍すると、eclipseというフォルダができて、その中にはfeatures, pluginsというフォルダがはいっています。 これを実際のeclipseフォルダに上書コピーし... Montrer comment installer


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2021-07-25 19:12
Évaluation de MELİS

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oyun için lazım bana ondan kullanmak iztiyorum

2020-11-29 22:10
Évaluation de Sid

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I use this plugin for editing unicode .properties. And unlike other plugins, this one acutally works for me! Thanks!
It works.

2020-05-19 15:26
Évaluation de かねたま

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