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Télécharger des rufascube v4.5.3 (rc5dec22.7z: 14,814,406 octets) va bientôt commencer. Sinon, cliquez sur rc5dec22.7z.

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Taille du fichier
14,814,406 octets

Description du projet

RufasCube is NOT another Rubic's Cube. It's a much easier slider puzzle that is incrementally solvable. A 3x3x3 arrangement of cubelets with the center one missing allows sliding permutations. After a randomization, the goal is to restore the cube to its original configuration based on color and alphabetic hints. Now contains a smaller 2x2x2 cube called "Seven", that is an easier version.

Dragging the cursor rotates the cube for a better view angle.

Clicking the cursor on a cubelet adjacent to the empty space will slide it into that empty space. On laptops you may also hit (return) when the cursor is on the cubelet of choice to select and slide it. On MacBooks, a 2-finger tap on the touchpad works too.

Zooming can be done with a mousewheel, or a 2-finger drag on MacBooks.

As indicated on screen, (h) will toggle a help screen.

Uses FreeType font rendering & TrueType fonts.

Works on Macs running OS-X and PCs running Windows or GNU/Linux.
Note that both 32 and 64 bit builds for Windows are delivered.