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This Rom have:

-Build: RUU_Runnymede_HTC_Europe_1.05.401.4 (builded from)
-original Bliss Rosie/Launcher (will make a patch for original Runnymade Launcher if anyone wants the original style or want use the rosie rcmix tewaks)
-original Bliss Fusion.apk (bliss graphics)
-original Quicklaunch Widget (the ported one is to slow for me..original is much better)
-back to Sense 2.1 Calculator (fint it nicer)
-extended power button menu
-extra quick settings
-normal beats (in the one with extra equalizer settings beats not working for me...)
-pre rooted
-some pre installed apps: file manager / Whats app...etc (can be uninstalled if not needed)


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