Télécharger des amipup_1.0.1.iso (amipup_1.0.1.iso ( lien externe: SourceForge.net): 180,504,576 octets) va bientôt commencer. Sinon, cliquez sur amipup_1.0.1.iso ( lien externe: SourceForge.net).

Informations sur le fichier

Taille du fichier
180,504,576 octets

Description du projet

AmiPUP is a very small (only 180 megs!) lightweight “live boot” Linux system built on the Puppy Linux distro. AmiPUP works with almost any x86 computer (not including Macs) that can boot from CD or USB. At boot, AmiPUP loads EVERYTHING into ram, so all applications load blazing fast! Changes can be saved to the USB or multi-session CD boot device (or not at all). The host system is never touched!