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Description du projet

bitfarm-Archiv is a powerful Document Management (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Knowledge Management System (KMS) with Workflow Components. Features: Scanning, OCR, Full text search, Email archiving.

Help us!
As we live in the internet age, the best thing, you can help, is to write a short statement about your scenario and your use of the DMS, along with your experiences and put it on your own website or in a blog or forum. It would help us best, if you can also add a hyperlink to our site http://www.bitfarm-archiv.com. By this you help the software to gain a better presence in the web which helps distribute it. This, however, will allow us to acquire more enterprise customers which gives us more resources, e.g. for further development of the GPL version.

Système requise

Système d'exploitation: Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Latest 5 files
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bitfarm-3.5 GPL Sources.zip 2.1 MB 2020-04-06 23:18 9
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Client-3.5.0.exe 9.0 MB 2020-04-06 23:17 4
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Server-3.5.0.exe 261.1 MB 2020-04-06 23:00 8
Viewerhandbuch-GPL.pdf 2.0 MB 2019-11-07 23:05 3
Systemhandbuch-GPL.pdf 1.2 MB 2019-11-07 23:05 8
All Files
bitfarm-Archiv Sources
Version 3.5.x
bitfarm-3.5 GPL Sources.zip2.1 MB2020-04-06 23:189
Version 3.4.x
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Sources-3.4.5.zip4.6 MB2014-07-03 23:3459
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Sources-3.4.4.zip4.4 MB2013-07-03 23:3116
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Sources-3.4.3.zip4.4 MB2013-05-28 18:496
bitfarm-GPL-3.4-Sources.zip4.4 MB2011-12-30 23:1423
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Sources-3.4.zip4.3 MB2011-11-16 00:4611
Version 3.3.4
Delphi-GPL-3.3.4-Sources.zip10.0 MB2011-04-19 23:5861
bitfarm-Archiv Client
Version 3.5.x German, English
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Client-3.5.0.exe9.0 MB2020-04-06 23:174
Version 3.4.x English, German
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Client-3.4.5.exe4.0 MB2014-07-03 23:2642
Bitfarm-Archiv-GPL-Client-3.4.3.exe5.6 MB2013-06-03 17:5325
Version 3.3.4 German
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS_GPL-Client-3.3.4.msi4.8 MB2011-11-15 23:1131
bitfarm-Archiv Server
Version 3.5.x German, English
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Server-3.5.0.exe261.1 MB2020-04-06 23:008
Version 3.4.x English, German
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Server-3.4.5.exe167.0 MB2014-07-04 00:0360
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Server-3.4.4.exe166.7 MB2013-07-03 22:5725
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Server-3.4.3.exe166.8 MB2013-05-28 18:156
Bitfarm-Archiv-GPL-Update-3.4.2.exe6.3 MB2011-12-30 23:0719
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Server-3.4.2.exe167.3 MB2011-12-30 23:0640
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS-GPL-Server-3.4.1.exe165.8 MB2011-11-16 00:3921
Version 3.3.4 German
bitfarm-Archiv-DMS_GPL-Server-3.3.4.exe245.8 MB2011-11-16 00:0125
Version 3.5.x
Viewerhandbuch-GPL.pdf2.0 MB2019-11-07 23:053
Systemhandbuch-GPL.pdf1.2 MB2019-11-07 23:058
Verfahrensdokumentation-GPL.pdf852.1 KB2019-11-07 23:041
Importerhandbuch-GPL.pdf994.3 KB2019-11-07 23:043
Hinweise-GPL-Version.pdf460.8 KB2019-11-07 23:040
Version 3.4.x
Installation and configuration manual for the GPL version 3.4.x.pdf355.6 KB2011-11-15 22:5889
Systemhandbuch zur GPL Version 3.4.x.pdf514.7 KB2011-11-15 22:5640
Benutzerhandbuch zur GPL Version 3.4.x.pdf1.7 MB2011-11-15 22:5655
Version 3.3.4
GPL-Systemhandbuch.pdf441.0 KB2011-04-20 00:0939
GPL-Importer-Handbuch.pdf464.0 KB2011-04-20 00:0941
GPL-Viewer-Handbuch.pdf1.8 MB2011-04-20 00:0954