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Description du projet

This tool lets you enter and save data about books (author, title, etc.). The tool then creates a reference list entry and a citation for that book, according to the author-date system of the Chicago Manual of Style. You then display these reference list entries and citations in a web page. For a citation, you type the page number in the web page. You can then copy the reference list entry or citation to you clipboard, and pasted it into a Pages document.

To use this tool:

1) Update the data in spreadsheets/Book.numbers. (Please note the instructions at the top of the spreadsheet.)

2) Run the AppleScript called “spreadsheetToJavaScript.app”. (To run it, either double-click the icon or open it in AppleScript Editor and run it from there. The AppleScript has finished when the contents of scripts/addAll.js have changed to match the changes that you made in the spreadsheet.)

3) Display the web page called “index.html”.

I'll add more book types in a later version.

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