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Keep track of the attendances of employees. Use this grid per month to fill the daycode for the employees with the efficient data entry 'column fill'. Or use the import function (adapt it to your needs) to interprete data from an existing time tracking app to daycodes.
Look for missing data, complete illness-, holidays etc.
Compare the sum of the worked time with the todo-working time over the days by looking at the +/- saldo. Transfer the saldo's to next month, or subtract the payed overtime.
Look at employee/month/year views.
Export data to HRM, or print reports and give feedback to employees.

Linux Desktop
Written in Gambas2
Needs MySQL/..

Use gambas2 compiler/runtime, which is free available in most distro's. Supplied source package must be unpacked, can be opened in the Gambas IDE, and run immediately.
Can easily be translated in the Gambas IDE- without touching the code.

Perfect intermediate for Small Business between employee Time Tracker and HRM department


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