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Description du projet

The fax4j provides a standard and consistent faxing API to enable invoking the different fax actions from Java applications. The fax4j library enables to integrate with fax services via many different SPI (service provider interface) implementations. Currently fax4j supports the following implementations: Windows native fax API Email (via email servers that enable to send fax message based on incoming email messages) including built-in support for many of the leading vendors. HTTP External Processes Linux native fax API Mac native fax API HylaFax And more...

In addition the fax4j library also provides the fax bridge API which is a context specific faxing API. The fax bridge enables to transform emails servers, web servers and more into an online fax service. The x2fax sub project provides a set of standalone servers and deployable components which enable to provide x2fax services out of the box.