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Description du projet

Program to block junk calls. Connects to a modem and listens for a caller ID. It then reads strings from a blacklist file and scans them against the caller ID. On a match, it sends commands to the modem that terminate the call. Recent activity (04/2013): program runs on Raspberry Pi using a USB modem. (02/2014): Added code to send a fax tone to a blacklisted caller (optional). Added tags to call records written to file callerID.dat. (03/2014): Made provision for permanent blacklist records. (04/2014): Added block-after-first-ring code. (04/2014): Added code to UDP-broadcast received call records (optional). (05/2014): Added a discussion forum to the site. (06/2014): Added provision for time-limited "beep" *-key tones (optional). See README and UPDATE files for details.