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L_Pa is a project / collection of tools aimed at better integration and *performance* of Linux + Wine + jackd + Proaudio applications...

L_pa accomplishes this by setting up a proper mix of kernel/software with low-latency/proaudio users _specifically in mind. So far the main components are;

Custom version of the (rt-)linux kernel with a delta of patches, for linux proaudio usage.

Custom version of Wine with a delta of patches to ensure Wine is ready for proaudio on the linux platform. It's also has various other improvements and bug fixes.

You'll want both WineASIO and FSThost;

WineASIO - WineASIO provides an ASIO to JACK driver for WINE.

FSThost - FreeST standalone fork; wraps windows VSTs (.dll) into standalone apps / jack clients. + other useful features.

* visit the L_pa wiki pages for more info on usage / other info.


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